Rules of Play

We provide members of staff who monitor the equipment and have access to first aid facilities – they do not supervise children using the facilities. In order to make Happy Town as safe as possible, we ask you to follow these rules of play:

  • Parents/guardians must supervise children using this play facility
  • We provide members of staff who will monitor the equipment and have access to First         Aid facilities, our team members are not provided to supervise children.
  • Children who are unwell must not use these facilities
  • Age and height restrictions are in force for the safety of all children an our staff will               enforce them,
  • Adults and Children MUST remove their shoes before entering the playframes
  • For hygiene reasons adults and children should wear socks
  • Only food and drinks purchased at Happy Town may be consumed on the premises
  • No food, drinks, sweets or chewing gum are to be taken into play areas
  • Smoking is not permitted, this includes vapes & e-cigs.  We ask that any of these items       and kept secure and not left on tables
  • Personal items must be left with parents/guardians or secured in a locker, we cannot           accept liability for theft or lost items
  • Please be mindful if taking photographs, photos should only be of the children in your         party
  • While we welcome adults on the frames to spend time with their children, adults are           not permitted on the slides or in the ball pools
  • Do not allow children to climb the slides and advise that feet should not be placed flat         on the slides
  • No running on main floor
  • If a team member feels that a childs behaviour poses a risk to themselves or others or      that a child is not being supervised to a suitable standard you may be asked to leave


We have attempted to make Happy Town as safe as possible, but the very nature of children’s play activity means that accidents can occasionally happen.

We cannot therefore accept responsibility for injury or damage to children or clothing whilst using our facilities. 

We have a Special Assistance and Capability Policy in place for those children requiring full support to manage our equipment, please call reception on 02891 815533 to ask for a copy of this to be emailed to you.  We recommend that you obtain and read the policy in full to ensure that your child meets the criteria before you make the journey to Happy Town.  This policy will be in place from 1st Feb 2018.  Due to the risk involved this policy will be constantly monitored for its suitability.